Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Putting It All Together

So, let’s review. To meet my goals I’m going to need to focus on the following:

Getting Rid of Consumer Debt/Student Loans
Start: Ongoing
End: September 1, 2009

I will continue setting aside a certain amount a month to pay down my consumer debt. At the same time, I’m going to investigate the practicalities of having my law school pay for my student debt.

Sale of Stuff
Start: July 2008
End: December 2009

I will start by cataloging all my possessions, taking pictures, putting up ads on craigslist/ebay and seeing what I can sell. I’m also going to talk to friends and family to see who needs specific stuff so that they can have first dibs. I have a feeling that as crazy as some of these people think I am for doing this, in the end they are going to appreciate Santa Jack.

Selling the Townhouse
Start: October 1, 2008
End: September 1, 2009

By October of this year I will start contacting lawyers and real estate professionals to figure out best options. Given the change in administration and the various mortgage-related pieces of legislation floating around congress at the moment, it might actually be prudent to wait to get the ball rolling on this. Who knows…maybe the market will improve enough for me to sell at no loss. Or maybe legislation will clarify what will happen to people in my situation. Regardless, I want to be in a position to put the place up for sale by March 2009 and finally dispose of it by September of next year.

Leaving My Job
Start: December 17, 2009
End: December 31, 2009

Woa, that was sweet; actually had to look at a calendar to figure out when I would need to give two weeks notice so that I could leave my job by the December 31, 2009. That felt good…

So, there is it! I now have a semblance of a plan. All I need to do at this point is put one foot in front of the other and get started. And in between I’m hoping to recruit friends, family and you, my dear reader, to keep me honest and on track.

Up until now, my posts were intended to flush out the practicalities of my journey with a touch of the universal in between the couch cushions. But personal growth does not come about through to-do lists. Having already surrendered myself to this process I have a very strong suspicion that it is the struggle itself that brings us closer to the universal. That’s why I suspect that from here on out this blog will shift focus a bit; practicality will be supplanted by a furious focus on the every day struggle to make that next step on a journey towards the unknown. And it is the unknown that beckons.


Unknown said...

looks like a beautiful plan. i've been enjoying tracking your progress.


Jack said...

Thanks chandelle,

Wow, freaky how we are sort of in the same place on getting rid of a house. I will be looking to see how things turn out. Good luck on your own journey!



Anonymous said...

Nice blog, Jack. It looks like you have made some sensible and far reaching plans.

Jack said...

Thanks Shirley!

And congrats on the write up,


Homeless said...

I'm sorry to be critical in your own forum, but this isn't really a plan. You're doing things all out of order.

Decide what you want to do and where you want to be at the beginning of your journey, then start thinking about the steps to get there. I say where you want to be at the beginning of your journey, because none of us know where we want to end up.

Right now, you are looking at a giant laundry list of things you have to do, but why are you doing them? Do you just want a simpler life or do you want a specific kind of life? Simpler is not always easier, nor is it always better.

Maybe you want the fast paced life of traveling around the less developed world and constantly checking in and out of hotel rooms. Maybe you want to sit next to a stream and meditate. Knowing what you want comes first before you can decide what sort of baggage you want to bring along.

Regardless of what sort of lifestyle you embark on, just having a specific goal in mind will change this from a laundry list into something more exciting. Each item will be putting you one step closer to your goal. The next thing you know, you're figuring out how to cross them off ahead of schedule.

A couple of 30-somethings embark on the ultimate roadtrip

Jack said...

homeless johnny,

I take your point. However, since when does one need to know what to do or where to be to desire simplicity? You may not have seen this post. I think it says it all:

Getting All Forrest Gump on Myself:

The point is that I just don't know where I will end up. And that's what so great.

take care,

Elizabeth Halt said...

interesting, I think I'll follow your journey. Though you're making me glad that I don't have the house, or the stuff, to get rid of in my own quest towards simplicity. :-)

Jack said...

Thanks Elizabeth. Glad to hear you are already so far ahead of me. Definitely would appreciate your input going forward!


Homeless said...


I certainly can't tell you how to go about achieving whatever it is you're looking for and perhaps I shouldn't try. Still, I'll suggest that if you know where you want to be, you may spend less money and time in the long run.

When Jenn and I started this process almost a year ago, we had a plan of living in an RV and traveling. We didn't know most of the details, but we did know that for example, we would always have a place and need for tools. So, we didn't sell any tools; in fact we purchased a few.

I'd hate to have sold those tools and have to purchase them all over again. Just some food for thought.

A couple of 30-somethings embark on the ultimate roadtrip

Elizabeth Halt said...

well, to be fair, I don't know that I'm further along. I never had the stuff because I just don't like stuff .. and I never got the house because I didn't want to be tied down. So far, I have only gotten far enough to a) get out of debt and b) realize that simplicity itself calls to me ..

kate said...
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Jack said...


I guess that's what I meant. I did get the house and like a zombie I did buy the stuff and are only now getting out of debt. But at least I now know that simplicity is where I want to be.


Me said...

I don't think you need to "know" what you want...

I agree that sometimes it is easier to see a goal and go for it but life will get in the way as it usually does....

I have desired to be more simple, and I have a laundry list of things to do.... I have no "goal" in mind either....

I would love to live in an RV, but yet, I like to have a home for my children, and i can't quite get a grip on home schooling. I would love to be sustainable but I still like my dryer at times :-)

I think your doing a great job and from a type A personality stand point (which you seem to be), a list is the only way to get a go of things!

Jack said...

Miles to go,

I feel the same way, at least at this point in my journey. I think the problem is that I need to break through on simplicity before I can be in a position to actually plan out next steps more firmly. Not knowing and not having a fixed idea of where I will be is actually comforting in the here and now.


Carolyn said...

Great Blog! I like your plan.

My journey into simplicity was involuntary but we figured it out as we went.

I am adding you to my favorites.


Jack said...

Thanks Carolyn!

Why was your journey involuntary? Would love to know.