Monday, November 10, 2008

Dear Bank of America: F@%k Y&U


Another day, another step closer to freedom. Sometime this week, Bank of America card services will process a check with five figures on it. As of that moment, I will no longer have any remaining commercial debt to deal with. SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!

I would be pouring myself a little scotch right about now if I wasn’t still a bit hung-over from a well-deserved Sunday-NFL-watching-beer-drinking-all-day marathon…


Jerry said...

Congrats!! I know how good it feels to have that last credit card payment go through. Such a huge weight removed.

Kady said...


I don't remember how exactly I found your blog, but it's really quite inspirational. I'm only a 2nd year attorney in Big Law, but I came into the profession knowing that I was in it just to pay off my student debts and I have no interest in staying any longer than absolutely necessary. I'm going through the process of paring my family's expenses to the bare minimum so that we can live off my husband's moderate teaching salary.

I blog about my finances in embarassing detail, but it keep me very honest w/ myself about my spending.

Keep up the good work. I've been consumer debt free for the past year and I have to say, it is an AWESOME feeling.

Anonymous said...

wooohooo! i'm looking forward to having zero credit card debt at some point in the next year or so; i can only imagine how good it feels! congratulations.

Sharon J said...

Well done, Jack. I'm sooooo looking forward to the day that I can cut up my credit cards (could have done it already but want to make it a bit of a ceremony when I've finally paid them off).

Anonymous said...

Wow! Congratulations! I can only imagine how good you feel right now.

Your blog is truly inspiring to me. Keep it up! :)

Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...


Heather said...

Me & My husband own a house and have a car payment but we have no other real debt. No credit cards or student loans. I can thank him for that. There's nothing better than no debt.

Go Jack!!

Elizabeth Halt said...

hurrah! isn't it a lovely feeling. I paid off my car loan earlier this year - a few years early just so I'd be free of everything - and it was a happy happy day. :)

Anonymous said... must be a great feeling :)

Me said...

Pay it off Jack! It's a great feeling!!!

Pan Historia said...

The whole credit card scam is one of those blights of modern life. Congratulations of freeing yourself of the debt burden. That doesn't solve the problem of how if we want to do anything we have to have a 'credit rating' and that without having had credit cards we treated as second class - for having never gotten into debt in the first place.

Dreamer said...

Well done! Now go and have that whisky! Remember - Cash is King!

Thats what I keep telling myself


rachaelgking said...

I'm so jealous. I have one or two of those myself that I can't WAIT to do that to. Those will be very momentous days...


Anonymous said...

Congrats Jack! How fortunate.

bill h said...

well done sir

Anonymous said...

WTG Jack, there is nothing better than having financial freedom, those cards tie people to the system in more ways than one.

Anonymous said...

I am extremely envious! (the Difference between envy and jealousy - envy is I am happy for you but wish it for me to; jealousy is that I wish is only for me) So I am happy that you were able to do that, but wish that I were at that point as well. As a "reformed" attorney myself, I have a lot of unnecessary debt to pay off which will take a while (considering I have been out of work for about 18 months) - but I too will get there soon! I can't wait to tell BofA the same damn thing!!!


RGW said...

One day.......

Way to go Jack!

Jack said...


You ain't kiddin'. It feels fantastic!


Sounds like we have a ton in common. What's your specialty? Will need to check out your blog.

A square peg.

Thanks! I think I might actually have a party in the next week or so.

Jack said...


I actually had a bit of one myself. I actually called my mom fr inspiration. BTW, hope all is well with you. I know things have been a bit unnerving this week. Thinking of you.

e-said, Jennifer,

Thanks! Always nice to hear good things.


I am sooooo jealous. That's where I want to be!

Jack said...


Yeah, it feels awesome. How much longer were you on the hook for the car payment?

Move to portugal/ Miles to go,

Thanks guys! Always nice to get good vives.

Jack said...

Pan historia,

Tell me about it. I was all set to do a rant on debt and how it is ecouraged in our society. I first got a credit card when I went to college; there should be some restrictions on getting a credit card when you are so young and stupid you don't even understand the implications of debt.


Believe me, I've had my share of celebratory whisky this week. :)


You should have a credit card cutting party. Just make sure to invite me; I've got to meet all your hot friends in person. :)

Jack said...

Teresa, Bill,

Thanks guys. This week has been like walking on air.


I absolutely agree. See my response to Pan Historia above. Better to reject that lifestyle and run!

Jack said...


Just promise you will let me know when that moment happens.



PleaseRecycle said...


Enjoy the moment!

Anonymous said...

Fun ain't it? I have 3 of my 5 credit cards paid off. It's just the little ones but it's progress. One day when I closed one of them, I was sitting here with my teen daughter passing cell phone between us both taking turns using it.
I says to her "Wow. It's paid. I guess I should cut it up."
She says "Can I do it?"
And so she did. We both got kind of a kick out of that.

Anna said...

I just found your blog though Cage Free family - so inspirational! I only have one credit card and I can't wait to have it paid off some time next year - I keep paying it off but not closing it because of the 'credit rating' crap - and then getting into debt again. Sigh. At least this last time, the debt financed travel (living in a van all summer, travelling around the West Coast - but I'm a philosophy grad student and gas was so expensive!) I'm looking forward to hearing about all the adventures that you get into once you're totally free! Good luck! :)

Jack said...

Please recycle,



Sounds like you shared something special. And educational!


The van living stuff already has me intrigued. Sounds like we would get along great. Stay in touch.

Chari said...

You go boy!!