Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Country Music is the Real Deal

For those of you who are not in the know, the Grand Ole Opry, located in Nashville, Tennessee, is the soul of country music and still broadcasts the longest running radio show in the history of the medium. This was reason enough for us to pay that place a visit.

And you know what? For someone whose only experience with mainstream country music was watching a loser with a mullet sing “Achy Breaky Heart,” going to the Grand Ole Opry was nothing less than a revelation. How could I have completely discounted a whole genre of music for so long? What an effin’ crime! Seriously. Going in I figured I could probably groove to some of that blue grass stuff (which I've always sort of liked) and maybe some of that old-timey stuff ala Jonny Cash. But I actually enjoyed pretty much every act on stage. Maybe it was the booze and/or the caramel corn but I tell ya, this was truly music heaven.


kymber said...

Caramel corn will always get you!

And please don't 'dis Mr. Cyrus - I still love that song - even though I don't like to admit it - but 'dissing Mr. Cyrus sounds like fighting words to me - bahaahha!

Anyway - glad to hear that you are expanding your taste in music - expansion and acceptance is the true key!

I myself was raised listening to my Mom's 8-tracks - all of the 50's rock 'n roll (yes I can jive, rock 'n roll, swing and later took up Lindy Hop)- but my Dad was a country boy at heart and therefore I also listened to a lot of Mr. Cash, Conway Twitty, Kitty Wells et al. And a bunch of down-home Atlantic Celtic Music to boot!

I love a variety of music genres and I am so glad to hear that you are opening up - Keep Up the Good Work Jack!

Fonk said...

Any "country music" you hear on the radio is crap. Like you I love Johnny Cash and I love bluegrass. Mainstream country sucks though. Why? I blame rock 'n roll (my favored genre). Once rock came along and started pulling listeners away from country, country decided it needed to reinvent itself. So it strayed from its roots and became this pseudo-rock, pop music crap; not really country music at all. If you can hear the old school stuff though, it's not bad.

Glad to hear you're having a good trip. Even though I'm not a big country music buff, I'd love to go see the Opry someday.

Sharon J said...

I quite like a bit of country myself, amongst a zillion other things. But pray tell.... what's caramel corn?

bill h said...

Mi esposa talked me into going to the Country Music Hall of Fame. It was actually quite interesting. Also, the Roberts Western World had great music every night. I don't think there was a cover, and the musicianship was outstanding.

Did you make Stax records in Memphis. Great music, good museum.
makes you want to eat some green onions...

Oh, and the marc cohen song is greatness..

Anonymous said...

I like Johnny Cash and bluegrass can be pretty cool, but I've never been big on most country music myself.

Maybe I need to try it on caramel corn and whiskey.

BTW, since you've done Memphis and even made the pilgrimage to Graceland, there's a movie you might enjoy called "Mystery Train." It's an unusual film--three intertwined stories about various people during one night in Memphis. There is a mystery at the heart of it, and there's a train involved, but only tangentially.

I shall say no more, but if you're curious, you can always check it out at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0097940/

Elizabeth Halt said...

I don't mind country. I had a period when I was young where I just loved it. I don't listen to it now, but I still have all those CDs and when I pull them out on random occasions, I still enjoy them.

Mia said...

Hey there,

Just wanted to say I love your blog and have mad respect for you. I'm graduating from law school in May and heading to a big firm, but have also made simplicity a central tenet of my life. I'm sure it'll be tough at times to make the two work together, but I'm dedicated to not getting sucked into the Big Law lifestyle. And I if I ever start to falter, I can come check up on your progress and get recentered again. Keep up the great work and keep writing!

Jack said...


Sorry if you dig mr. cyrus. That was probably a cheap shot for sure.


Nice hearing from you again. Yeah, I sort of see that, but I will say that songs about cheating wives, bar fights and drinking can have their benefits all their own.


It's basically caramel and popcorn or some combination.

Jack said...


nope, never made it to that museum. Didn't really have time. And yes, that is a wonderful song.


Umm...seems rather interesting. I will check it out.


I think I might check out some of the itunes a friend of mine has. I might just listen in, particularly the older stuff.

Jack said...


Thanks for checking in. And come back whenever you feel the need.