Sunday, August 30, 2009

State of the Blog: Sabbatical and Next Steps


Just a short note to let you guys know that I’m back from a self-imposed e-sabbatical. Nothing like getting away from it all to recharge and reenergize, particularly towards the end of a hot, lazy summer.

There are so MANY things I want to share with you. Things are starting to fall into place in so many wonderful ways. Expect more soon. I promise.



LissaK said...

Jack, i agree that an e-sabbatical is a great thing to do every once in a while. Unplug for a while. Love the blog. You give me hope that I might be able to make my dream a reality someday soon.

Anonymous said...

looking forward to it!

Debbi said...

I agree that it's good to take a break. (I'll be doing the same myself, soon.) I await your upcoming posts with great anticipation.

Seriously 40 said...

Welcome back Jack! Can't wait to hear what's up... I have missed your musings from the road.

Anonymous said...

Am I a hopeless romantic (even regarding the lives of strangers, apparently!) if I secretly hope your news involves falling in love?

frugal zeitgeist said...

Waiting to see what comes next, my friend.

Linda said...

Welcome back! It's great to ignore the online world once in a while, isn't it?

Looking forward to reading about your future adventures!

Take care!

Jack said...


Unplugging is a necessity for sure. I hope you live your dream.


It is all starting to unfold..


Have fun on your own time out. It's good for the soul.

Jack said...


Nice to be back.


I wouldn't count that as part of the process.:)


Back for sure. BTW, great meeting you in NY. Was disappointed we couldn't get together more. Hope all is well.

Jack said...


Well put. Nice to be back though.