Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Need a Drink

All of my world is empty tonight. There are feelings somewhere still, but they have scampered off to places I no longer recall. I regret nothing. How could I? The alternative would be to live a lie I am no longer prepared to live. And to die as someone I am not.

You are inside me now. Never forget that.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need a drink...



Anonymous said...

Hang in there Jack.. lots of people out there do have you in their thoughts. Maybe pick up the phone and call a friend? I think you have many. Hang in there young one.

Jerry Critter said...


An empty container is a vessel waiting to be filled. You have poured out your previous, unfulfilling life. Now take control and fill it back up with the real Jack.

Dreamer said...

Jack, I know the feeling.

Me said...

Wow Jerry... Thats one of the better insights I've ever read about changing yourself!

Jack.... when you want a drink, have one :)

Anonymous said...

I could use a drink tonight, too. OJ on ice is my drink of choice.

Cheers, Jack.

Frederik said...

Strange label: "women"

Jack said...


Thanks for the concern. I just don't work that way. Usually just deal with stuff on my own and occasionally chat with others once I've figured thigs out.


That's what I'm trying to do. I feel like I've come very far, but hit a major wall on the personal front. Just need to keep on pushing forward...


Well, maybe it does feel good to know there are others out there. Thanks

Jack said...


Actually, it just turned out to be one single drink and lots of thinking. Not as dramatic as I thought it would get.


I might add a bit of vodka if you don't mind.



Anonymous said...

Actually, I'll have a touch of vodka in mine, too.

Hope all is well.

Jerry Critter said...


"hit a major wall on the personal front"

Like they say, all you need to get over a 10 ft wall is an 11 ft ladder. I know you will find that 11 ft ladder.

Hang in there!

Jack said...


Have good days and some bad days. It's all good.


Looking for one as we speak.