Saturday, January 16, 2010

Yoga and Meditation are Awesome


I just had an awesome Yoga-guided meditation session! I just can’t believe I ever lived my life without yoga and meditation. They have become a a part of me in ways that I could not have imagined a year ago.

Definitely encourage everyone to take a couple of yoga classes just to see what it’s all about. Those of you curious about meditation can start in the privacy of your own home. I highly recommend the online podcasts run by the Insight Meditation Community featuring Tara Brach. She has a wonderful gift for guided meditation.

Take care everyone,



japhy said...

Meditation has brought me so much peace and insight. I haven't tried yoga yet though. Would you describe it as primarily a physical or a spiritual practice for you?

timber said...

The beauty of both meditation and yoga are that there are levels at which ANYONE can practice.

Yoga in particular can be a very deeply spiritual practice, or it can be no-rules almost-dancing exercise.

I personally don't give myself enough time for both meditation and yoga, and this has served as a nice reminder, so thank you.

Mini Me said...

Tara Brach has had a huge influence on me - I use her meditations daily. And have read her book "Radical Acceptance" many times. Nice to hear you have discovered her as well!

By the way, if you don't remember who I am, I was the one who wrote that email some months ago about wanting to make changes. Well, I have made changes - I quit my job. Just playing it by ear for now, but decided to make a big leap. It's been unbelievably freeing.

Unknown said...

When I first began meditating 4 years ago I used a guided meditation that changed my life. These days I meditate whenever I can, generally to the soundtrack of my large family. It was frustrating and unsuccessful at first, but now I find that out of necessity it is a deeper meditation than ever before.

As for yoga...I miss it terribly.

miss minimalist said...

Thanks to the link for the IMCW--what a wonderful resource!

It's amazing how turning our focus inward can inspire such outward changes in our lives.

Unknown said...

I just found your blog, and all I can say is WOW. I love seeing others who have found yoga and meditation and used them to change their lives. Yoga was my saving grace through law school, not because of the physical practice, but because of the emotional/spiritual practice. I am currently studying to be a yoga teacher, and I want to teach yoga to lawyers. Thank you for encouraging more people, for putting yourself out there, and for inspiring us all. Namaste!

Jack said...


It is more physical, although, I have to confess, there is more and more of a spiritual aspect to it.


Exctly. I started at 0 with both and they were pretty accessible from the start.

@Mini Me,

Haven't read her book as of yet, so thanks for the recommendation. Glad you've found freedom in doing that. Always listen to your heart. Seriously, all you need to do is follow.

Jack said...

@Cage Free,

Never tried the big family guided meditation option:)

@Miss minimalist,

No problem. Glad you are enjoying it.


You are clearly further along in this process than me. Maybe a career change to yoga makes sense for me as well. ummm.....