Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Day in the Life (part 4)

Jack picks up work clothes from his office and heads straight for the showers in the basement. He is back in his office by 9:00 am.

After a quick look at the Times online and checking personal email, Jack plunges into another recent passion of his: perusing his favorite blogs.

He doesn't have much time before the calls and the hundreds of work emails begin their slow, deliberate suffocation. He starts clicking furiously and only gets to a few of his favorites:

Cage Free Family. Jack has a special place in his heart for these guys. He read about them in the Times a while back. Their decision to leave a life of excess and embrace simplicity was admirable and only reinforced the necessity of the Plan. Pressing questions for Jack this morning: "Where are those guys today?" "Did they leave Madison yet?" "Is it just me or is Aimee the hottest blogger ever?" "When will they get to Vermont?"

Miles to Go. Dana is probably the strongest person Jack has never met. She and her family have gone through a ton, and yet they have persevered. It's not that things have stopped being difficult. It's just that Dana, with the help of wonderful guy, is now focused on the wonder and beauty of living in the present. Pressing questions for Jack this morning: "Did Dana finish de-cluttering the basement?" "Could she cut Jack's hair into a Mohawk sometime soon?"

Hobo Stripper. Tara is, in one word, awesome. And yet, there are so many other ways to describe her: wonderful writer, painfully honest, sexuality personified, etc...Most important of all, she is free. Pressing questions for Jack this morning: "Did Tara pen any vibrator reviews lately?” "Are there other herbs and spices good for dealing with spider bites, besides poultice and tea of course?" "Should I be reading this at work?"

Suddenly the phone rings and the craziness of law firm life begins anew.


-jd said...


I can speak for Dana a little bit...speaking as wonderful guy. The basement is clean, clean, clean in a way that is unfathomable had you seen it before.

Before it was cleaned, every single time I would go in it I would get hurt by something. Now everything is so neat and organized and I no longer hurt myself...unless I try to pick up the tools then hurting myself occurs regularly.

Me said...


Thank you very much for the kind words.... it was something very nice to read on my lunch break today! :-)

I have been a bit of a slacker on my blog the last week or so... I have lots of ideas to right blogs but alas, when I find the time... I'm pulled to sit back, enjoy a cold beer with john and play a rousing game of skip-bo (cause he can beat me in that game :-)

I guess that's part of my living in the present :-)

BUT!! I do have after pictures of the basement to post when I have a night free and you won't believe how amazing it is!!! John's right, he only hurts himself trying to fix stuff now :-) I can do cartwheels in the basement!

I'll post them soon.... before we leave on vaca... 3 days!!!

BTW, anytime you want a mohawk, come on out for a visit ;-) prolly the most expensive mohawk you'll ever have!


Jack said...


That's a relief. Some of those early pics were scary. The question is, how much did you CLEAN and how much did Dana clean? :)


No worries. Just being honest. Don't forget those pics. Will email you when I am in need of a mohawk for my next biz meeting. :)

-jd said...

It was 50/50 all of the way...(you better agree with that Dana!)

Unknown said...

I think Aimee is definitely the hottest blogger ;-)

We'll be looking you up here in a few weeks. Thanks for the kind words.
I'm trying to sneak minutes here and there to check out some blogs and I'm starting here...
shhh..don't tell ;-)

Ms Hen's said...

Jack... Betty Ann...last night I went on Craig list... and answered someone needed an apartment ...and he came today.. a VP of a bank from Puerto Rico... and his other apartment won't be ready until October.. (it got moved up)...his office is an hour from my home; ferry boat and train.. so it is workable from the borough of Staten Island to Wall STREET.
I could get 1000 for downstairs but charging 600 because I need to use the washer machine.. and no heat on in September anyway.

Funny that is the area I want to work in; and I wanted to get involved with being a mortgage broker; or Financial adviser besides my freelance I told you about. He gave me some GREAT TIPS... on that field..

Great 39 year old man; his wife and kids are in puerto Rico for now. So cool people coming from all over to come to NYC.

I saw people who needed a place for 4 months to work on an architectural project...etc.

All professional people in work all day; so I can use washer machine ...and it was cool. I told this VP he can use my yard... also.

There is a separate entrance downstairs; ground level; complete apartment; ashame to leave it empty with my 24 moving out this past Saturday.

I even have an extra bedroom up here.. if I had to rent someday to a student.. but not for now.. (or if the economy got bad and I lost more freelance work).

BTW I'm a great judge of character all my life; ... thanks for encouraging me to rent... and you said you rent a room ... so I was being too afraid to rent a whole apartment... downstairs with separate entry??

Thanks again for the encouragement of livign more simple...instead of me working more and more to pay this crazy insane mortgage... I'm going to continue to rent it here and there as a furnish unit... (I might sell someday and do not want a permanent tenant.


Carolyn said...

I am having a Giveaway Contest.

Stop by my Blog for details!


Don said...

Congratulations on a fine blog. I'm looking forward to keeping up with it.

My wife and I have just left our 2200 sq ft house and have moved into our 200 sq ft travel trailer. It is a real education to downsize like that. Of course, we are moving from Florida to the Southwest via Missouri so that's another education!

My only comment would be that I doubt if you will find $10K enough to live on. There is a theory that you can live on what you have; I'm sure it is true but $800+ a month will be awfully tight. At any rate, good luck!

Storyteller said...

lol re: your hobo stripper comments

and yes, Aimee of CageFreeFamily is the hottest blogger!

Jack said...

Cage free,

Well, of course she is! It would be wonderful to see you when you actually make it out here.

Betty Ann,

Did it work out with that tenant? I've actually added ANOTHER tenant to my townhouse. I'm trying to save even more and this is going to help me a ton.


Shoot. I think I missed it.

Jack said...


Good for you! That sounds like an adventure all to itself. Have you left Fl yet? As for the amount to live on, well, I do expect to work after I leave my current job. Plus I have a feeling I will be living abroad for a while as well.


And yes, Aimee is definitely hot!

Anonymous said...

You sure enjoy blog's side of life ;) Good for you. I think it's great that you found a tool of expression in it and support from all these people that share similar values and views of life. Just please don't loose the ability to be as opened and honest as you are here with the people, who are important to you beyond the virtual reality. Remember, it's internet, it's just a tool, it might end tomorrow and you would still be there dealing with the same issues. There's is nothing like a shoulder you can lean on and eyes you can look into, nothing like a warmth of a real hug. So often we tend to seek too far. From what I've read so far, I am sure there are good people around you. Good people always find each other. Give them a chance to listen and...keep writing :)

Anonymous said...

I have not read enough of this blog but I think its full of shit! Why the hell do you need to tell the world about your stupid story? I will bet you are not good looking, perhaps just to yourself, who cares about your money, and who cares about how many chicks you've slept with. And your travels? You have not traveled extensively to anywhere! Some countries...but do you know how many countries there are? When the hell do you go to those places? How old are you any way? When did you have the time? Did you learn anything from anywhere? Do what ever you want and stop crying.
Why do you care what anyone has to say about the trip your on?

Anonymous said...

Wow, wonder why you haven't answered? Curious...all that schooling and you learned nothing. Just goes to show you...

Jack said...

Anonymous #1,

Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I recognize how ephemeral writing on a blog can be. It's nice to get positive feedback, particularly when you are going through this type of transition. But I think I've definitely put it into perspective. The focus should always be on the physical and emotional connection to real people. This blog is just another aspect of the journey. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jack,,,,,
I'm sorry you can't deal. Just goes to show you...
As long as you have players to play with...the game continues!