Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Blog

After some consideration, I’ve decided to start another blog. The douchey-sounding Adventures in Intellectual Stupidity is intended to be a repository for essays, notes and commentary on history, politics, philosophy and any number of other interests running around in my head.

Here is my standard disclaimer: don’t expect a more ‘scholarly’ version of Adventures in Voluntary Simplicity. In fact, some of my regular readers may be put off by the dryness of the material or by an inherent lack of cohesion in how ideas and themes are presented.

But who gives a shit. Here’s the bottom line: now that I’m leaving law firm purgatory I am going to have a ton of time to devote to some of my long-standing interests, principally reading, writing, film and arts in general. As impossibly boring as it might sound, I can’t wait to be able to read an analysis of how Alexander the Great defeated the Persian empire without having to check my blackberry. Or to peruse an article dissecting the political underpinnings of the American Civil War (any John C. Calhoun fans out there?) without checking my voicemail. Or to watch a documentary on the Katyn massacre in Russia (did anyone see the film by Wajda?) without having to make it to bed before 11pm.

And isn’t that the meaning of freedom, my dear reader? To be able to pursue your interests unabated; to focus your senses on those things that truly touch your heart without any pretense or impediment?

For me, freedom is the opportunity to immerse myself in the waters of nerdy douchiness, even as I celebrate the added drinking, biking, traveling, and assorted womanizing I’m looking forward to in the years to come.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your emancipation!
When you run out of the books you own, you can start one of my favorite pastimes, treasure hunting books at thrift stores and garage sales.
And may I say you posted one of my favorite paintings in this blog.

Anonymous said...


Has the final day in purgatory been decided yet?


Anonymous said...

Thats great, Jack. I'll check out your new blog. Let us know when its created.

And YES, thats the beauty of the internet...you can post ANYTHING, even if it stinks. It doesn't even have to pass by an editor. On the other hand, thats why there is so much junk out there too. I always hope that my blog is one that is well written and interesting, but I'm sure it falls short often. Oh well, I'll keep trying.


1sttimedad said...

I have no idea what you just said ...

But hey, it's your blog and I'm sure I'll check it out to see if I can maybe become a bit smarter by reading it!

Good luck as you move forward!

rachaelgking said...

Congrats, Jack. It's always refreshing when you take time out to do something you WANT to. I should know... ;-)

Anonymous said...

John Calhoun was a political animal. Loved learning about him.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack. With all the lawyer layoffs, I was wondering if you are still at your firm? Has the economy stalled any of your plans? Can you still see the light? Hmmm, I wonder if your firm will fill your position...

Anonymous said...

Hey. I am so happy that you did it! I have not heard from you in a while. How have you been? How did you end up breaking it to the bosses?

Jack said...


Thanks. I will have something more fulsome re the emancipation later on this week. And I am glad you dig the painting. Are you into philosophy perchance?


Wait for it. I should have something on that pretty soon.


Always dug your blog. I don't think you have anything to worry about in that regard.

Jack said...


Thanks! Do check it out. Probably posting stuff this week as well.


Thanks. Just waiting for TMI thursdays...


Sweet. You sound like another fan. He was brilliant.

Jack said...


Just wait for the post. Should be coming later this week. I am fairly certain that the firm will NOT replace my position in the near future. Let's just say that it feels good leaving on my own terms.


Wow, blast from the past. We should definitely catch up. The post on the job stuff is definitely coming. Just wait for it.

Leila said...

Didn't see it mentioed anywhere, so for any interested... the painting is of Diogenes. One of my Favs... I like dogs too!

carissashanti said...

Edit: replacing womanizing with yoga and meditation (or really any other activity minus excessive drug use) will more likely help propel you in your new direction. Just a thought.