Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rich, Greedy Assholes Suck


What a sad, pathetic, moron. I guess that after buying a mansion worth several million dollars, buying several private planes, marrying a materialistic bimbo and being an all-around rich asshole, there was nothing left to do but fake your own death to avoid being charged with a massive fraud.

Financier’s plane crash ‘didn’t smell right,’ says friend

Timeline: Marcus Schrenker Plane Hoax Mystery

For all the horrors this economic implosion is causing, I can’t help but LOVE stories like this. There is nothing like watching the Marcus Shrenkers of the world realize that their love of money is toxic; that the “things” they worship are finite and soulless; that their pursuit of the material is antithetical to a life full of meaning, love, friendship, and family.

I know, I know. I, myself, am not too far removed from poor, misguided Marcus. But hey, maybe it takes a recently reformed asshole to point out the obvious.


Anonymous said...

I can't tell from your post if you mean that all rich people suck or if just greedy bastards suck. I don't think that just because someone makes a lot of money means that they're an asshole. My boyfriend's 80-year-old parents are pretty well off, have a summer and winter home, take vacations, etc. They are two of the sweetest, loving people I've ever met. They raised a good family in a very loving and supportive home and their adult children are doing a lot of good in their communities (one of them is a therapist). It would break my heart if anyone were to call them assholes.

Jack said...

@Anonymous #1,

Very good point. I actually just changed the title based on your comment. Nothing wrong with being rich. Nothing inherently wrong with working hard to gain wealth.

Sharon J said...

Karma, Jack. Something I've actually been blogging about today.

Anonymous said...

Rich people are greedy by default so they all suck by default. If rich people were not greedy they would give away their money and would not be rich. Rich people get rich because they are exploiting people. It is the nature of capitalism and a simple equation.

Anonymous's grandparents were nice to their kids, but what about everyone else? There is a long chain of events between your money and where it came from. Ignorance is no excuse for assholism.

Sharon, would love to read your blog. What is it?

Maitreya said...

There are plenty of rich people who are incredibly nice to those within their 'class'. But how do they treat their maid? Or the attendant at the gas station? Or the waitress at the restaurant?
Plenty of people seem nice, until you're on the bottom of the heap, then they will treat you like dirt.
There are a few exceptions to that generalization. There are always exceptions to any rule.
But I've been on the bottom of the heap for a while....

bill h said...

1. most of us are rich by the standards of the globe, even modest income in America puts you at the top to the international scale.
2. I know wealthy philanthropists that do much good by their generosity.
3. I ascribe to the concept of Christianity that it is the love of money that is a root or evil, not money itself. There are lots of poor people, much more greedy and miserly that rich folks.
4. I'm not sure I believe in Karma, in fact I don't think I do. there are a lot of examples of guys like this that never seem to get caught.

Thanks jack for continuing to ask deep questions.

good for you man.

Jack said...


Wow, last I heard you had stopped blogging. Glad you are back!


I can't say I would go as far as you. I'm not quite a committed capitalist but I do see something wrong with unmitigated greed. That's the reason we are in the position we are in.


I agree with you, though I don't think it's an exception. I think there are plenty of nice people who happen to be rich. But those who pursue wealth to the point of greed might be the problem.

rachaelgking said...

Karma's a bitch... and she is merciless.

Kady said...

The problem is not just w/ the assholes, but w/ the fact that way too many greedy people were trusting these assholes with all of their money and assets. Greed definitely begets greed. It was too easy to look at this guy and want what he had and then to buy into his story that he could get it for you.

If we were all satisfied with low returns and saving more, these assholes would hardly exist.

Living the good life....together!! said...

Hey jack,

I know its been a long time...I have been traveling and since my laptops cord broke i havent been able to get it replaced, so I havent been able to keep up and post as much either...Well I have finally made it to Florida..Will be at the Rainbow gathering soon...Just wanted to say hello....

Lots of Love

Anonymous said...

Jack, A few years ago a friend said to me, "All money is blood money. For every dollar I have, keep, and spend on is one less dollar for someone else." Its true. There isn't enough to go around.

So, where do we draw the line? How much spending is TOO MUCH?

Sure, a private jet is too much, in my opinion. But I wonder...if I compared my lifestyle to some of my colleagues, or to other "so-called simple livers" would I be living simply? Would you? My dad told me that living on a boat isn't living simply. "Real" simple livers would live off the a lean-to. But I WANT to live on a does that make me greedy, even though I wouldn't lie and cheat for it?

When I look at other's wealth, I try not one to judge. But you are right...when being rich turns into being greedy...then its too much!

Jack said...


Once again, a great set of points.


Don't I know it.


I agree, but I would also say that plenty of people who just wanted to park their money for a decent return were harmed by this man.

Dreamer said...

whilst on the subject - did anyone else feel incredulous that nicole kidman had the temerity to announce that she gave 500k to the australian fire fund. Is it just me or does anyone else find this shocking, only 500k! How much does this woman earn per film? Its got to be several million at least! Words fail me.

Jack said...


Good to hear from you. How's the gathering coming along? Say hello to the Cagefreefamily for me. They were in Fl as of last week or so.


Choosing to live your life in a certain way is always the right the decision, so long as your lifestyle does not infringe on the rights of others to do the same. Interpret that as you may. Again, nothing wrong with money or wealth per se. It's how people react in pursuit of said wealth and/or when they have actually attained it.


I saw that, though I would give her the benefit of the doubt. It's possible she gives a great deal to charity. Also, I don't think I would advocate a redistribution of wealth or something similar. My point is simple: the pursuit of wealth via greed kills the soul.

Anonymous said...

Rich, greedy assholes do suck. Poor lazy assholes looking for a handout suck as well. Unfortch, I know too many of both.

Anonymous said...

Jeez Christian, it's too bad you live in a world of black and white. The problem with extremists like you is that you drive people away from the "good fight" with your negativity.

Money isn't a bad, evil thing and people need to stop treating it as such. There IS enough to go around, and having it doesn't automatically make someone an asshole. Anyway, who's gonna draw the line between rich and not rich?? IT'S ALL RELATIVE!

By the way, Jack, thanks for changing the title. It made me smile that you did that. Unfortunately I'm not going to be reading your blog anymore. There's too much of a negative, almost angry, tone to it lately. There's nothing wrong with disagreeing with the way things are, but why not focus on the POSITIVE instead of constantly pointing out the negative or putting things in a negative (angry? resentful?) context. Isn't pursuing your life dream supposed to be joyful? Anyway, whether you post this or not, I don't care. I sincerely wish the best of luck to you on your journey. :)

Jack said...


Don't I know it.


Thanks. And sorry to lose you as a reader. Maybe I'm going through a serious period...maybe once I finish up with the job and everything else the focus will change for the better. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Let us rearrange the question because alot of wealthy people are not assholes. Lets ask, Why do wealthy people ACT like assholes?
Answer: think they are trying to impress, motivate a chain of events to compensate for their short commings. God judges by your deeds not the size of your wallet.

Bongstar420 said...

What makes being rich bad is that everyone else is poor. If the poor did not exist, would there be rich people?

I will only accept rich as not bad if economic polarity is no more then say 50:1. That means the richest people make 50 times more then the poorest. Why does someone need to take 1,000,000:1 if there is only 24 hours in a day and shitier jobs pay less? That job could just as easily be done for the 50:1 ratio payout.