Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dancing Update


It has been a relaxing couple of weeks. Nothing like some sun and more than just a few beers to relax the mind and reenergize the spirit.

Now that I´m back from vacation, I can now turn to several things that have been bugging me recently. Top of my list is how I´m doing on the dance floor.

Frankly, this whole learning how to dance thing is not going well. I JUST DON’T GET RHYTHM. Let me rephrase…I can generally hear the rhythm in a piece of music and can even clap the rhythm out for a bit. But I´m screwed when it comes to applying rhythm on the dance floor. You have no idea how stressful my lessons have become. I feel bad that I´m not advancing as fast as I should be. I am constantly apologizing to my teacher for taking so long to get the basics. I am always watching the clock, hoping that the hour passes as quickly as possible. In short, I´m really not having any fun.

But, hey, nothing worthwhile is ever easy. I´m going to take another shot at this thing with a new attitude. Maybe I´m putting too much stress on myself. The point, after all, IS to have some fun and learn the basics at my own pace. I´ll let you know how it goes.


S. Reiblin said...

ymmv, however I tried a single glass fo wine before my second salsa lesson. that did wonders so I could get over trying to be perfect on the first try. It will come over time and kudos for you for trying something that takes effort!

Elizabeth Halt said...

Perhaps you're taking it too seriously. Yes? It is supposed to be fun. :)

Anonymous said...

Piece of advice, Jack, stop worrying about everything, stop looking at the class and just have fun. This isn't big one is judging you to be perfect. If you just relax, feel the music and laugh, you might just see that you do have rhythm. Good luck, my friend...break a leg.

Deanna said...

Hey Jack - Hope the guy in the photo is not you! :) Dancing is like basketball - everyone can learn how to do it, but not everyone becomes a Michael Jordan. Continue if it's fun, but find something else to do if the enjoyment fizzles out.
Wishing you "happy feet"....

A bird in da hand said...

Dear Fred Astaire,

Where are the pictures?!!! If you aren't having fun: at least let us enjoy your struggle :))).

Seriously: I think you are taking this too seriously. Loosen up, do not think...just dance. Who cares if you suck at it? I love to watch people who can't dance. It's fun and real...and in a certain way very sexy.



Helene said...

"I am always watching the clock, hoping that the hour passes as quickly as possible."

What? Man, there's somethin' wrong, Dude... Follow the advice of the previous posters.

madhatt99 said...

dude, stumbled across your blog, pretty cool. are you for real? why are you trying to simplify in such a way. look at it this way, you have been blessed with an opportunity in your life to do something great and you want to just sit on a beach and focus on yourself? why. I was reading the other day 17000 children die daily form starvation... 1 every 5 seconds. and u want to sit on a beach simplifying. I admire your desire for simplicity but count yourself as blessed. try taking a volunteer vacation... going to india and helping dig an irrigation ditch. help feed people or get fresh water. wanna learn how to dance... take a trip to a black neighborhood and have the girls show ya how to move your ass. they can dance... maybe give ya the rhythm

Jack said...

@S. Reiblin,

Thanks. Yeah, that sounds like something I need to try. I mean, it´s basically how I get out dancing when im out with people anyways...


No doubt. One of my streghts and greatest weaknesses. Just need to let go.


You are absolutely right. I´m getting there in other respects. Just need to apply this new attitude to this thing as well.

Jack said...


No way! Not sure I could ever be that out of shape...And that´s a great way to look at it. I´m going to give it another shot. If it works out great, if not, no biggie. I´m not going to enjoy EVERYTHING there is to life. But I´m giving it a try.


Those pics and videos are being destroyed as we speak. :)


You are definitely right. Just a matter of relaxing and letting go. Now, that does not discount the possibility that Im just not cut out to be a good dancer. But at least I tried.

Julia said...

You took the words right out of my mouth. I can hear the beat, play it on the piano, but my body will not apply it on a dance floor. It's pure humiliation for me, and everyone watching! I admire you for taking lessons. I haven't mustered up the courage...

Mini Me said...

That picture is classic :-)

Jack said...


¨look at it this way, you have been blessed with an opportunity in your life to do something great and you want to just sit on a beach and focus on yourself?¨

As someone who is not a regular reader I can only say that the evolution I have experienced over the past couple of years is leading me on a completely different path than what you are describing. I would encourage you to keep reading and follow up as needed.


We are definitely in the same club. It´s not fun, or at least not yet. Let´s see what happens.

@Mini Me,

I just had to post that when I googled bad dancing.

S. Reiblin said...

Just one more comment from me. Everyone else there is just as concerned, if not more so, about the own dancing performance.

All that focus on their own steps, probably means that they only have 2-5% of their attention left to focus on you. <1% if you count the focus they have on their partner.
What I mean to say is that your lack of rhythm is not something to be ashamed of, because no one is really noticing. Of course this comments assumes you care what others, beyond your teacher thinks.

As well, the feeling you have of not progressing is prob. the same feeling everyone is having. And if you're having trouble, there's ALWAYS another person who is also having trouble but who is too embareassed to go over it again and again.

And your teacher has seen it all. Once you get the basics, you will be awesome and both your teacher can be proud of your learning, after all, learning is a team sport right? It's you and your teacher together battling your lack of rhythm.

you'll get it. you're a team. go Team Have Fun Dancing!

Jill M. said...

I agree with the majority of the comments thus far.

For most non-professional dancers, I believe that dancing is more about how it "feels" than how it "looks."

If you're feeling terrible and watching the clock, then you're not really getting deep into the music in the moment, right? The steps the teacher shows you should help you access the music, they are a bridge between your soul and the instruments being played by another.

Keep us updated - hope you find a way to cross the bridge!

Jack said...


I know, I know. I just need to internalize everything you just said.


I hope so as well.