Sunday, November 29, 2009

On the Road Again: Fuck. Yeah.


I'm on the road again.

After generous portions of Thanksgiving lamb and more than a few bottles of wine I've arrived back in South America for three weeks of adventure.

The Plan: (1) try out my biking gear in preparation for a much longer trip down the continent next year; and (2) get off the bike long enough to do some serious sightseeing, backpacking and mountain climbing.

Up First: a “modest” 5 day bike trip between the cities of Medellin and Bogota. Not sure what to expect from this trip but if it's anything like what Nancy experienced recently in Colombia I'm in for the most challenging ride of my life.

Up Next: sightseeing in the Colombian capital, mountain climbing in central Ecuador, and a possible hike up to Machu Pichu in Peru.

Fuck. Yeah.


Fonk said...

Sounds much more fun than the three weeks of cubicle drudgery I'll be experiencing instead.

Sara said...

Hi, I've been following your blog for a while now. Very exciting trip you have planned. I'm doing a solo jaunt through Spain in a few months - sans bike.

I have an idea for your running offer of ppl writing posts about your blog, can I submit mine? Remind me where I send it?

Anonymous said...

Sounds complicated. As in not voluntarily simple.

Seems like you are just choosing new and different complicated things.

Fr. Ken said...

I love South America, and there's no place quite like Machu Pichu. Keep us posted! (And, uh... work on that language young man!)

Anonymous said...

You! Out of the gene pool! Oh wait, you already are. Thanks!

Anita said...

Hi Jack - are you going to be in Argentina in December at all? It doesn't look like it from your post, but I thought I would ask. I will be in Argentina for a few weeks in December and it would be nice to meet you if the timing works out.

Jack said...


Probably not. Have to get back home for the holidays so will leave southern South America for my big trip.


Weird. But hey, you welcome.

@Fr. Ken,

sorry about that. Excited it all...

Jack said...


Are you referring to the trip? I rather enjoy this complication, meaning that I find no reason to simplify in the context of how I travel.


Sorry about that. I have a feeling you will be back on the bike soon enough though. Do you bike in the winter?


Spain is just awesome, bike or no bike. And if you want to submit a post just email me your topic and focus:

Linda said...

Sounds great! Have a really good trip and take care! Post some pictures, please :).

Family on Bikes said...

Good to see you back in our neck of the woods! Get ready for those climbs - you've got lots of them ahead of you!


Jack said...


Have and will. :)


Boy were you right.