Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I would like to thank the academy...

It’s been crazy at work this week, but I wanted to take a second to thank Donna and Sharon for giving me this blog award:

Thank you guys! Definitely appreciate it.

My own nominations for best blog (excluding the award givers, of course) are, in alphabetical order:

You guys can find links to these, and other wonderful blogs in my links section. Enjoy!


Me said...

Your links didn't show up! But..... I love you for supporting my blog!!!

Thank you...


Anonymous said...

This blog reads like a viral marketing device. I keep waiting for a window to open, inviting me to to sign up for the very 0% interest rate credit card you eschew. If not that product, some other.

A friend sent me the link to your ~revolutionary blog~ and she'd highlighted this key line quote from you:
"Ok, now I will move to the second step of the decluttering process: sell, sell, sell! I just love Craigslist!!"

She said you sound just like a chick.

Sharon J said...

You definitely deserve the award, Jack.

Jade of the Jungle said...

Congratulations on the award - much deserved! Hope the week gets less busy, your readership demands more posts.

And thanks everso for the nomination, that's really kind of you.


Jack said...


I *think* that's fixed. And no worries!

Sharon, Jade

Thanks for the kudos!

Jack said...


Not sure what to say, primarily because I’m not sure whether your comment is being said in jest or just intended to be negative.

If the former, no worries. Not everyone has a gift for writing interesting and/or worthwhile narrative. I certainly don’t.

If the latter, all I can say is that I respect your opinion and, short of being outright offensive, I fully support your right to comment on what is a decidedly difficult and emotional time in my life. I invite you to continue your posts, even if they remain anonymous.


Anonymous said...

You ARE a compelling writer and I found it especially suspicious that your manifestos were devoid of spelling and grammar errors (I realize a real person or an advertising company both can run checks). It wasn't meant as a compliment or a slam when I said your blog read like it would eventually be selling something -- it was just the impression I got while reading and the way you've organized things to unfold. Viral-icious!

It is charming how you've handled me, your lone questioner in a sea of apostles, with Zen force.

Now pardon me while I swoon over my bot-crush.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

My name is Joy Jackson and I sent the link to my friend. Another friend had emailed me the link first because she liked your blog. She's never heard of viral marketing though.

If you've seen past blogs like the one where the girl was supposedly going to be committing suicide by such an such date, or the other one where a woman was supposedly getting back at her ex, you should understand why we have this impression. While those blogs were believable, they ended up being bogus.

This one reminds me of those. It's all in the writing. In the description above, in the posts. It's rare people write about themselves in the third person, and that's just the beginning.

I'd love nothing more for you to prove me wrong and that you are really a lawyer with great writing skills, a love of Harold and Maude and a desire to toss out all his possessions.

Jack said...

Anonymous, Joy,

I find it a bit amusing that you would suspect a lowly Washington lawyer who has yet to figure out how to upload YouTube links onto Blogger (seriously, if anyone knows, I would appreciate a quick step-by-step tutorial via email) to actually be a front for some corporate marketing campaign.

Frankly, I’ve never heard of the term “viral marketing” and had never read a blog (apart from some of the stuff CNN and the NYT links to) until June of this year.

But, hey, can’t complain when someone appreciates my writing. Thanks for the compliment. :)

As for the structure of the blog: I don’t think I had any preconceived notions of how things were going to be put together. All I knew was that I had a goal of simplifying and living a life of voluntary simplicity. I just structured the process the only way I know how…outlining what I wanted to do, laying out all the things that I saw as obstacles (my “enemy”), creating what I thought was a viable and workable “plan,” and letting momentum take over.

Anonymous said...

As a fellow lawyer and academic (albeit over the pond and not nearly as well paid!) seeking a simpler life, I am following your struggles with interest. As regards the lack of spelling errors - that's hilarious. You've got to be an expert proof reader to be a lawyer!

Keep posting ;)

Anonymous said... I'm worried people will think I'm leading up to selling timeshares in Portugal!
then again my grammar, spelling and standard of writing is so poor they probably won't :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the award! I'll do it sometime soon. :)

I'm kinda jealous that people think your fake. I'm way weirder than you and nobody doubts my realness? LOL

Jack said...


I thought the same thing! If only anonymous had a sense of what goes into a drafting a brief/memo/article....


don't worry, I would buy your Portugal timeshares :)

Jack said...

Hobo Stripper,

No worries. You deserve the award! Keep writing, because reading your blog is super addictive...keeps me from working at the office.