Saturday, October 4, 2008

State of the Blog

[Photo: Wikepedia]

Seeing as Adventures in Voluntary Simplicity (“AVS”) is celebrating its fifth month of existence I though it would be appropriate to provide the following in terms of feedback/commentary:

Comment Moderation
If you recall, I briefly considered moderating comments after a spate of questionable comments. I’ve decided to leave things as they are and let people post what they want. While constructive criticism is always appreciated, any post that smacks of unadulterated venom will be ignored. I hope other posters will do the same. My hope is to provide an environment in which people can be as honest as they want to be without encouraging unnecessary mischief. I may have to revisit this issue if I ever get inundated with spam.

Blog Structure
Over the past couple of months I’ve added several lists on the right-hand side of the blog. These include:

*“The Plan”: These posts outline my overall strategy for leaving my job and attaining my own version of freedom.

*“Simple Stories”: This is a collection of posts that focus on simple, joyful activities that, at least for me, make life such an amazing, beautiful adventure.

*"Top Posts”: These are posts that, for whatever reason, resonated with me long after I wrote them.

Blog Features
Here is where my ignorance becomes plain and clear. As I navigate through the blogosphere I always encounter interesting gadgets and programs that people have added to their blogs. Sometimes it is fairly easy to discern their utility. Sometimes not. The bottom line is that AVS is probably due for a good spiffying up. If there are any specific features that you think might complement the blog let me know. I’m hoping to add an image/video feature, but beyond that I am still a little stumped.

Photo Attribution
How embarrassing! Being a lawyer I should have instinctively realized that if I add images from elsewhere on the net I should also credit the relevant source. I will definitely do this from now on.


Me said...

I think your blog is just fine the way you have it....

I have a few interesting gadgets... I have a slideshow... basically because I dont mind if people see me or others in my life that are precious to me... I have a tracker.... only because its fun to see when certain "stalkers" come to my blog.... other then that.... I dont have many gadgets...

and I have never moderated comments on my blog... if people have an opinion then so be it...


Elizabeth Halt said...

I like your blog as it is. I noticed the "The Plan" section a while ago and it was nice because, while I could've sworn I read all those posts when I first found your blog, I had somehow missed about half of them.

emmani said...

You're doing a fine job Jack... only problem I have is that you don't post everyday! Yes I understand you have more important high paid better things to do in your life, but I'm really looking forward to your simple life. I'm sure you are too. Will you ever reveal your true self when the job and the townhouse have gone?

I must embarrass myself and tell you that when I think of you I think of Jack from Lost! And yes that is a compliment...

Carolyn said...

Looks good to me. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

No gadgets needed, content is what matters. :)

Jack said...


Yeah, I did see that stuff on your blog. The tracker looks like something I could add easily.


I figured that. Whenever I stumble into an interesting blog I usually have to search around to see how it all started. I guess putting it out in front makes sense.


You know, I tinkered with posting more often, but found myself overwhelmed with the pressure of coming up with interesting topics for the blog while working at the office at the same time. Better to post a couple of times a week minimum and go from there.

You know, haven't though about dropping my secret identity. Maybe the last day in my townhouse I will reveal all! And, yes, taking that as a compliment. :)

Jack said...




Very good point. That's definitely priority number one. BTW, we will definitely miss you

Nicola said...

i love your blog!