Sunday, November 30, 2008

Back from Sabbatical


Greetings my dear reader.

Wow, was that awesome! Two weeks away did wonders for my psyche. Nothing like an impromptu sabbatical from blogging to provide some added perspective. And it was perspective that I needed. For a while there, I felt like one of the things I had been relying on to help me through this process of simplification (blogging) had actually become an impediment to simplification. At some point, there were just too many comments, too many emails, too much COMPLEXITY. I have a feeling some of my fellow bloggers understand this all too well. Taking some time off was good in that it helped me find my focus again.


I want to thank the dozens and dozens (hundreds at this point?) of people who submitted a comment and/or emailed me with their own versions of the Plot. For those of you who received an envelope feel free to comment publicly, though I would ask that you do so anonymously. I will, of course, keep your email acknowledgements in confidence. Finally, I wanted to thank R. from a certain veterans group for helping me distribute some of the envelopes. I don’t think I could have finished without you.


I also wanted to apologize for not replying to any emails the past couple of weeks. I really needed total radio silence during this self-imposed sabbatical. I promise to get back to everyone as soon as possible.


Over the next week or so I hope to add a couple of links to sidebar on the voluntary simplicity movement. I have a feeling that some people stumble on this blog without any real sense of what I am doing, why I am doing it, or what Voluntary Simplicity really entails.


I’ve come around to the idea of adding comment moderation to all of my posts. As you may recall, I had originally rejected that approach a couple of months ago in favor of a more Millsean marketplace-of-ideas approach. The benefit of this new approach is not to stifle ideas but merely to make my job a little easier. Constantly reviewing the blog for troll comments and meaningless fluff is super annoying and time-consuming. Now that I have comment moderation turned on, I can review all comments at once and streamline the whole process. The underlying policy remains the same: anyone with a legitimate, cogent perspective may comment. Anything that is outright offensive will be rejected.


rachaelgking said...

The idea of comment moderation sucks, but if it's going to save you time, that's what you gotta do. On the plus side, at least now troll comments won't ever be seen, not even for a minute.

Jerry Critter said...

Welcome back, Jack!

Elizabeth Halt said...

yay! I didn't realize you were on a break. [Heh, now I'm distracted thinking of Ross and Rachel's break on Friends, LOL] I thought you had limited your blog reader list and was sad. Glad you enjoyed your time off!

Unknown said...

Welcome back Jack

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Jack.
I received your envelope and I do believe I sent you a text saying thank you.

I know I live my life well and I care for others everyday. That's how I pay it forward, all the time.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I'm glad you figured out you can't allow the blog to control you - you have to be in charge and go from there.


Jennoit said...

Nice to see you back, Jack. And I am glad you had a nice break. I look forward to hearing more about how life progresses for you!

Anonymous said...

so glad you are back on deck and I can access your blog again!

Jack said...


That's pretty much my feeling. BTW, can I just say that you have one of the coolest blogs ever??


Thanks man.


That break was a good thing in the end, wasn't it! :) I can't wait to peruse all the awesome pics I missed on your site.

Jack said...

Cage Free,

Thanks guys! Fly any paper planes lately?


I totally received both the email and text. Sorry, been away for a while. Will totally respond ASAP. And yes, I know that YOU totally play it forward all the time.


Thanks. Yes, that is, in fact, the new mindset. Hope you guys are already on the road.

Anonymous said...

Jack, Glad to see you are back in the game. Already, I want to take a blogging break too...but I'm just getting started and I want to keep my, onward I go. Can't wait to read more.

bill h said...

Well, I have to say, I missed reading your blog. Your journey is an interesting to watch.

Thanks for keeping it going.

I'm giving thought to simplicity in Christmas this year. One of the things my wife and I are doing is giving gifts through charities like Heifer International.

Jack said...


Thanks! Nice to hear from you as well. Expect an email later today.




Nice to hear. Definitely digging your blog and how it is coming along.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

i was worried your blog was private for good. glad you had a nice break and hopefully you are getting excited about your real life sabbatical coming up, or whatever you have planned! :)


donna said...

i'm so glad you're back! i've been trying to get on here and thought i'd been barred for some reason.
just read "the plot post"- fantastic idea. love you jack! ( obviously in a happily married woman with 2 kids kind of way!)if we all do small things i'm sure it can change everyone's life for the better- keep up the good work. :)

Jack said...


Glad to hear it. I may be tapped out for giving this year, but there is a good reason for it. :)


Thanks:) Glad to be back


Thanks for the kudos. I also dig your blog.

Nicola said...

i took a break,too, but i like your term for it better than mine! welcome back.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome, Jack. I hope it made you very happy.

Jack said...


Break or sabbatical, a break is always nice.


It totally did. Good to hear from you. :)