Tuesday, July 21, 2009

State of the Blog: Communication

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Just a quick note to assure everyone that I am doing my best to respond to all your emails, tweets and facebook messages. A week in the desert, crappy to no reception, and my recent health scare all worked to create a pretty extensive backlog. If you have tried to communicate with me over the past several weeks be assured that you will hear from me soon.

I will probably have to rethink the way I handle communications going forward. The blog continues to grow at an exponential rate and it is getting harder and harder to respond to you guys in real time. I have a feeling this will become a non-issue once this trip is over but if you have any suggestions on how to improve things let me know.

Take care everyone!


A bird in da hand said...


Just keep on writing your stories on the blog and don't respond our comments. Pick one communication channel (a suggestion: please your blog, not Twitter or facebook)and only answer now and then, if you feel like it. Or use some comments you like in a post. You're a free! Its sounds to me you are working in an office and figuring out how you get your work done :))).

You are not travelling for us, you are travelling for yourself. Be free, bike, write and enjoy. It's not work!



Unknown said...

While it is admirable that you respond to many if not all comments, I would hope that most of us know and understand that as more listeners read, you will not be able to. Therefore, just update everyone on your goings on and if there is absolutely one thing that sticks out that you must answer to, that's the one. Otherwise, we are cheering you on. Myself, I am learning how to say "Fuck off" to unnecessary things.

Anonymous said...

Regarding communication, it's really fun reading interesting comments in this section, and it's nice that you respond. Many readers are so insightful (their friends are lucky people for sure), which is why I especially love to read the comments.

Anonymous said...

Simplify...only respond to those comments that really hit home to you. No need to have all these e-friends; it can become a real job..something that you do not want at this time. Stay well.

bill h said...

I agree Jack, very admirable and courteous of you to respond, but not necessary, and a bit inconsistent with simplicity, don't you think? Don't over complicate your life, as you seek to simplify. I'd suggest you pick one medium as well, no preference on which one, and keep us updated.

Can't wait to hear about the Ocean. I understand the columbia river gorge is fantastic.

microwave said...

If you ever stop responding to my comments I'll cut you.

Just kidding!



SF Kid said...

I would vote w/ the above. It is / will be impossible to respond to all as your readers continue to log on but we get the gist of it and know you are reading and will respond thru the blog or to the earthshaking comments.

And hey! Oregon's looking pretty cool, eh?

Linda said...

I agree with the comments above. It's always great to hear from you, but if it's too much, simplify.

Oregon looks great by the way - love the trees!

Take care!

Liisu said...

Hey, Jack!

You appear on my blog whenever you publish a new blog, and I hurry to see where you are this time and how you are feeling (even if I don't write any comment on it).

It seems to me, you and your trip are interesting, and I love how you write, and you yourself seem to be an exceptionally pleasant and friendly person (google-translater has helped me to thank you. :) I can read English, but I can't speak it very well.
Go on, Jack! I'll follow you in your shadow :)

Jack said...


Those are all good points. The thing is that I actually enjoy getting to know readers. I think the one comm channel idea makes sense.


As I mentioned above, I actually like responding to comments. But I will only do what makes sense and what does not complicate my life.


I agree, which is precisely why I enjoy commenting.

Jack said...


Agreed. See my comments above.


See my comments above. You are absolutely right.


In that case, I better not stop commenting.

Jack said...

@SF Kid,

See my comments above. Well put. And yes, Oregon rocks!


Thanks. Point taken.


I only wish I could speak Finish well enough to respond to your comments! Thanks