Monday, August 10, 2009

Simple Gifts


Those of you who have followed my journey since its inception have probably noticed that, with one relevant exception, I've always taken great pains to ignore references and reviews of this blog in the news media and elsewhere. As the “anti-blog,” Adventures in Voluntary Simplicity has always been rather insular, answerable only to its readers via the comments section of each and every post.

And yet, every once in a while, an exception is in order. Bill Holston, a fellow attorney from Dallas, Texas, lay minister, and long-time reader, was kind enough to send me a couple of links that I think you will all enjoy.

1. The first is a commentary broadcast on NPR entitled “Simple Gifts.” It focuses on how the current economic downturn has forced people to reevaluate their priorities and embrace simple living as a lifestyle. On a personal note, it's nice to have been mentioned with the likes of Vonnegut and the Shakers.

2. The second is a sermon Bill gave at his church, Fellowship Bible Church Arapaho. This sermon is quite thought-provoking and delves into the essence of simplicity from a religious perspective. Do email me if you would like to receive an official, non-verbatim transcript.



utopiandivision said...

The silver lining with the recession is that people are spending less money on junk.

Randy R said...

I don't know much about nutrition, other than eating home-made food only, and avoid sugar and foods made with white flour.
I think detoxing is a big myth. there's no need for it, especially in the long run, though it wouldn't hurt to do a fasting detox.

Jack said...


Absolutely. And I have a feeling you will see a long-term impact on spending choices as well.


Yeah, the fasting detox is something I've been thinking about more and more. Need more info on that before I start one.