Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Love You

I can´t stop thinking about you. And there is so much to think about…

Your long, flowing hair.

Your knowing eyes.

Your easy smile.

Your love of literature, film, and art.

Your courage.

Your capacity to love.

Your capacity to understand.

Your independence.

Your sense of adventure.

I just have two questions for you: (1) Who are you, and (2) When will I finally meet you?


Anonymous said...

Good questions. Based on your blog, and on the description of this person in this post, I'd say the answers are:

(2) You already have met this person, and
(1) He's the guy staring back at you from the mirror in the morning every time you shave or brush your teeth.

And until you get over him, there's never going to be room for anyone else. Assuming, of course, you actually want there to be room for an actual separate and different person and not just a female version of you.

Anonymous said...

That sounds a bit harsh. I think Jack sounds like a guy who really wants to be able to find and to accept the love of another person. It's not always easy to give up a piece of yourself and give it to someone else. Anon, hopefully, you have some love in your life!
Anonymous Two

boho girl said...

this moved me.

i can imagine your soul-someone, at the very moment you wrote this, was wondering and wishing the same of you. i am a dreamer that way. i choose to believe in such things.

the idea that you put your longing out there into the universe just brings you one step closer together.

{and in response to your comment on my blog today, yes...perhaps i am being too hard on myself but with the hard parts, i am trying to be gentle and turn it around. my friends may very well think all those wonderful things about me but it is me that needs to believe it}.

thanks for sharing your world.

Nancy said...

Oh goodness, Jack, you make it easy for women to fall for you...I am trying hard to not have a crush.
I know the woman you are looking for is out there because the things you seek about her are real qualities. I like that you didn't dwell on what she physcially should look like but instead focused on her soul. Good man...

Kristen said...

I'm with Nancy...sort of developing a bit of a crush!

I am looking for some of the same qualities in a man, and am thinking perhaps I need to start figuring out where the European men hang out in this city!

Jerry Critter said...

You will meet her when your mind and heart are capable of seeing her.

Elizabeth Halt said...

i'm with boho girl. i like to believe that when you put something like that out there into the universe, it brings you a step closer to whatever it is that you are wishing for. :)

Linda said...

I love Jerry's comment. That is the truth and reality of love.

Me said...

I'm with Jerry Critter...

Sometimes you may have already met that person but he's right, not until you're ready...

Anonymous said...

I'm with jerry if you start by promising what you don't even have yet, you'll lose your disare to work towards getting it.

Jack said...


Just one question, assuming you are even a regular reader in the first place: have you noticed absolutely NO change in the self-absorbed asshole you appear to be directing your comment to?

@Anonymous Two,

"It's not always easy to give up a piece of yourself and give it to someone else."

Don't I know it. But I'm willing to try. Really.

@boho girl,

I hope you are right. Love is not something that I can plan or organize. That's what I'm good at. I'm still a baby when it comes to letting the universe work on its own...

Jack said...


I appreciate your comment. Let's see if her soul is listening.


You know, I get all kinds of suggestions. Some people are firm believers in letting things just happen. They think that if you are constantly looking you will never find it. Others are more proactive and feel that they have to go out there and find her/him. I'm undecided.

I say head out there and find the coolest European out there but know he might find you first.


Ummm...then I wonder if I'm really ready.

Jack said...


I guess we'll find out soon enough.


Jerry's comment IS insightful. I just don't know how I stand in relation to it.


Not discounting that. Have met plenty of wonderful people. Who knows.

dtb said...

To Anonymous number one:

Why on earth should anyone EVER 'get over' loving themself?!? Self-love is the first true step to loving others and being open to receiving love from others. If you don't like the blog, why do you read it?

ANYway. Jack. What if she has short hair? Is that a dealbreaker?

I jest. I'm learning how to play guitar right now, and I have to keep repeating the mantra "you can't rush hand strength". Just replace 'hand strength' with pretty much anything, and it tends to apply.

You can't rush love.

Anonymous said...

It's so easy to think about love, to talk about love,to wish for love, but it's not always easy to recognize love, even when we hold it in our hands. Are you ready?

Jack said...


Might be fatigue. Can you expand on that?


Nope, that's not an obstacle:) And totally dig the guitar analogy. Thanks.


I don't know. I thin so. But I have a feeling I will know for sure when I do.

Jill Homer said...

Ah love, a beautiful thing to want, a terrifying thing to have, and a devastating thing to lose.

Jerry Critter said...

I agree, "love is a beautiful thing to want" and "a devastating thing to lose", but "a terrifying thing to have"? I think it is more exhilarating than terrifying.

Now, some of the things you do on a bike I find terrifying!

Helene said...

Hey Critter,
Since discovering that I enjoy reading your posts here, I clicked on your name and read the most recent entries in your blog. What a blog. Can you do something crappy on Ann Coulter? I'd do it myself, but I don't have the wit for it.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and that you share so much of yourself, your world and your thoughts.

She's out there for you, don't worry. You are moving closer and closer to love. You can tell in how far you've come just by the posts on this blog. What's that oldies song? "You can't hurry love"

Jack said...


How true.


Jerry's blog is definitely interesting.


Thanks. And I sure hope you are right.

Anonymous said...

Jack, what if you already met her and let her slip away?

bill h said...

jack, I think Anonymous number 1 is mistaking a lot of self reflection for self love. I think you've shown a commendable amount of humility and self disclosure in this blog. It's one of the reasons I keep coming back. It's quite inspiring.

as far as love. I think you'll find it when you're ready. As far as attributes, I've said this before to you, sense of humor, it's indispensable. don't forget that one.

It's saved my ass more than once in 25 years of marriage.

Kristen said...

I agree...I am a firm believer in "when you least expect it", but I also side with Einstein in thinking that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

I live for life experiences, so I do a wide variety of activities, go to a lot of different places, etc., for the purpose of personal enrichment, but also in hopes that interesting people cross my path.

Good luck to us both!

Jack said...


"Jack, what if you already met her and let her slip away?"

I don't think that way. If I wasn't ready then then, by definition, it wasn't "her", whatever that means.

@bill h,

Thanks for your comment. I tend to agree, but its always hard to gauge your own intentions and measure out your own progress. And yes, humor is king.


Where have you been my whole life?

Good luck to us both.

Anonymous said...

My experience. You should´nt expect anything from your partner. The perfect woman is the one that is able to accept their shortcomings and mistakes, you fall in love when you see how flawed that person is.You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly.

Anonymous said...

It is selfish to love people and expect them to love you back. You have been a selfish all your live, so Good Luck!!

Anonymous said...

"Long hair" had me worried. If you'd requested "weight proportionate to height" I would've put a pox on you. As it is, though, good luck!

Anonymous said...

For every 500 women, only one worthwhile. Who satisfy our list of requirements, with many defects but certain defects are necessary for the existence of individuality. So you have missed a couple opportunities I guess, You do the math!

Ms Hen's said...

You'll meet her when you are ready to meet her.

I'm 48 and single for almost 8 years and still waiting for the right man..

It is more complicated at my age. I have to find someone that life can fit into mine and my soon to be 14 year old son.

He is gone each weekend so i do date a lot.. and just not the right one.

Canine Keeper said...

seems simple enough. you made the list of requirements. why doesn't she just step forward with checks next to items on the list. :-)

kari said...

you too, doll.

Unknown said...

You will meet her when you are truly ready, and you wouldn't want to meet her a second sooner.

Moment by moment we change, become a slightly different person (if we're lucky)
If I had met my partner sooner or later we may never have been.

It has been 11 years of learning to grow together rather than apart. 11 years learning to understand and begin to know each other. 11 years to see that we are much better for each other now than we were in the beginning because we have learned so much about each other.

Don't expect her to be some sort of dream come true at first meeting. Sometimes what we need most is not so obvious to us.

Just love freely. Fall in love with them all. Let them love you back and some day one will stick and you will wake up knowing this is the one you've been growing for.

I knew when I first met you that you had it in you. You'll surprise yourself. I promise.

Fr. Ken said...

"You can be whatever you want, as long as you know who you are." A great quote via my friend Tracy. And you seem at least, to know who you are. That's a reason Adam says in scripture, 'This one at last is flesh of my flesh and bone of my bones.... ', he recognizes something is missing, and he needs more. Perhaps you'll meet a lovely ex-pat in Chile, or elsewhere in South America, or a fellow writer via your blog. prayers for you.

Jack said...


I tend to agree. But it's always nice to picture someone in your head :)


“It is selfish to love people and expect them to love you back. You have been a selfish all your live, so Good Luck!!”

I honestly have no idea what this means. For starters, what, if anything, leads you to believe that I expect someone to love me back?


Made me smile. Thanks:)

Jack said...


Don't agree with your computations. Don't really see the world that way.

@Miss Hen,

I guess this is probably another long-term proposition then.

@Canine Keeper,

Love the sarcasm. :)

Jack said...


Well, let's finally meet!

@Cage Free,

“Don't expect her to be some sort of dream come true at first meeting. Sometimes what we need most is not so obvious to us.”

This is probably the most on point of all comments. I get this. I really do.

@Fr. Ken,

Thanks Father.

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled on your blog tonight, and it seems we've been living parallel lives in some alternate universe, where we are both trying to work through some of the stuff from our past. Here's the poem I wrote (Nov/09) in regards to this topic:

I pray that God will help you
find your way...
To believe & to
So that you can

With the pain of your past
the torture that atlast
you can finally let go
to let the healing grow

A present you must trust
A future just for us!
Filled with happiness vs.
Sailing away
to an undetermined

Wish I could take it all away
& make it all okay
But it's the past
that helped you be
the man that I believe
will be the one for me

I pray that you will see
that your home is right here
in the heart of this poem
in the mind that created it
in the soul that awaits with baited breath
to hear the sound of your voice
to meet your eyes with mine
to feel your touch & be alive!

Jae Jagger said...

It's amazing the insight readers can have, and it's also remark the writing that can come from us that for some reason or another is unavailable in any other way--and then there it is, on the paper or on the computer screen, some hidden truth our consciousness didn't want to see.

Annie said...

Happened upon your page and this sums me up pretty well lately. Looking for the male version of the above. Thinking looking for the proverbial needle-in-the-haystack might be easier...
Good luck to you
When you figure out how to find "the one" let me know, would ya please? :)

Linda said...

What a beautiful post!