Friday, February 5, 2010

Marijuana Simplicity


I don't think I'd be exaggerating if I were to admit that I was one of the biggest potheads in college. It's true. I had tried weed on and off back in high school but it wasn't until my crazy, sex/beer-filled freshman year that I fell in love with the pure, mellow joys of marijuana

My routine at the time was pretty simple: for each lecture/seminar I would only attend the very first class in order to pick up the syllabus and course schedule, and thereafter only show up for quizzes, midterms, and finals. Aside from a massive 2-week cramming session at the end of each semester, I had virtually the entire academic year to hang out with buddies, be with my girfriend(s?) and, or course, smoke some bud.

I only had one rule: I could smoke as much as I wanted so long as I got As in all my classes. (The irony is that the more I smoked, the easier it was to get those As. Go figure.)

And then came law school and the sudden realization that I was entering a profession with legit rules of ethics and professional responsibility. By that point, weed had lost its luster. Inhaling smoke, of any kind, seemed like an unbelievably stupid thing to do. The spiritual component that had originally drawn me to marijuana had long since been replaced by an urge to party. Suddenly, it made sense to hang up my bong.

Years later, bathed in the light of my trusty laptop, I take a long, smooth drag from a makeshift bong made from an aluminum can. The taste is still sweet. I just want to feel pure and mellow one last time.


Japhy said...

Dude, get a Volcano vaporizer. It's much healthier...and a better high. ;-)

Weed, like most things, is great when used in moderation.

Jerry Critter said...

An aluminum BEER can, I assume.

Rhiannon said...

It saved my dad's last days, so that we could all enjoy one another, he was free from pain and relaxed. I'll never knock the stuff again!

Unknown said...

don't use aluminium cans for that! you'll fuck up your lungs because of paint on the can.

Anonymous said...

Playing with fire. It's your life.

Me said...

If you ever want to get into discussion about Marijuana... shoot me a text! lol

Me and John both have strong opinions about Marijuana.

And yes, we support the movement for it to be legal...

(and holy moly.... the can remark... brings back high school memories! lol)

-- Rob said...

I hadn't realized it before, but I believe I'm an inadvertent member of the Voluntary Simplicity movement -- a sigh of relief. Cool site.

Jack said...


Volcano vaporizer? What's that? This is what I get for not smoking for 9 years.


Nope, a coke one of all things.


Having no experience when it comes to medicinal uses for pot, I have no frame of reference. But I think there is enough medical consensus that is beneficial for some people.

Jack said...


That's a good point. Thanks for that. Though, I don't plan on smoking much going forward. Not really my thing anymore.


I sure hope you are referring to using the lighter to light the weed. Otherwise, sorry, I just can't agree.


Might just have to:)

Debbi said...

If you think smoking weed will get you high, try eating it brownies. Or, in my case, cookies. This was before my husband and some friends went to a concert at Lisner. I remember it was George Thorogood and little else.

When we got to Lisner, there was a huge line to get in. The line extended all the way around the building. It seemed like we kept turning corners--endless corners (don't ask me how, but it seemed to have way more than the usual four). When we finally got inside, I was so totally stoned that when the music started playing, it was like a non-stop jangle of guitar chords in my head. Don't ask me which songs George played. Couldn't have told you, then or now.

The next day, I actually felt hungover. I didn't even think such a thing was possible with weed.

Anyhow, it was my first year in law school and I (just) managed to get to my property class the next day. I sat there in a daze, barely comprehending a single thing the prof was saying. Okay, it was property (not the most fun or intuitive of first year subjects, as I'm sure you can recall). Even so, I thought, "Great. I've fried my brain and I'll never get through law school. Shit."

I guess that's my long-winded way of saying, if you're going to do weed, stick to smoking. If you eat it in baked goods, do so in moderation and at your own risk. :)

Anonymous said...

Get an Iolite vaporizer. Much smaller and easier to use.

japhy said...

Jack--it's a machine that heats up the "substance" just below combustion, which releases most of the active vapors without all the harmful toxins that happen when you combust things.

They actually did a study on the Volcano and found the above to be true.

Here you go:


ah, so that is why you are able to write such interesting, clear, and consise posts! hope all is well !

Helene said...

Hey Jack,
Shouldn't the lead in to your blog, which says:

"Follow along as a former highly-paid lawyer gives up a life of material comfort and unencumbered excess..."

read instead as:

"Follow along as a former highly-paid lawyer gives up a life of material comfort encumbered with excess..."

Sorry, ever the pedant,

Buddy said...

I was on of the world's biggest potheads for well over a decade. Er, at least. As an artist who had little to do but read, learn, practice technique and exercise in between performances, it fit right into my lifestyle. I found that exercise and technical practice were quite fine with marijuana. In fact I loved to smoke, hit my bike and ride for miles, end up in a weight room lifting, do laps in the pool before plunging into the hot tub. Else I might smoke and sit and practice technique for several hours, days, weeks, surfacing for coffees and such with friends.

It was an altogether pleasant existence. And I developed that altogether healthful approach to life that many potheads do, being led into herbs, natural sources of nutrition and so on. Emergence-C became a staple way back in the day, along with nutritious whole food eating, supplements, yoga, etc.

I've moved on in life, but there were some great memories. One time a friend showed me all about bongs, and then put on a recording of Barber's Adagio for Strings, and I had never heard such a beautiful piece of music. Learning about cooking with it was great fun also. Of course everyone baked brownies. I was aghast one time when someone discovered them and started giving them to their children before I had to beg everyone off of them since they were baked with rum and kids couldn't have rum!

Eventually I just stopped. Basically because of different life interests, and health goals and perhaps simply the want for new experiences.

Every now and again I consider it, yet at the same time, am perfectly content without it. Thanks for sharing.


PS - next summer is looking like a south american summer to me. I doubt I'll bike, but will probably do some walking up in the Andes where life is grand.

Katie said...

weed! i love it!

Bobbys said...

I thought you couldn't join the American Bar Association if you smoked weed?

Jack said...

@Driven Mad,

Thanks for the kudos. Don't be a stranger.


Yeah, I had a pretty fucked up experience with brownies of my own. I think you can get way more THC in your system ingesting it than smoking, hence the intensity. Not about to start that again, believe me.


Thanks for the suggestion, though as stated above, not about get back on the weed horse. Not my thing anymore. But I'm sure everyone else appreciates the tip.

Jack said...


Cool! How far things have gone since I last was a pothead.

@The Traveler,

Might be one of the reasons:) You too. Oh, and you should totally start another blog on survivalism and gun stuff. I would read it.


Could you send me an email when you get a chance? I wanted to ask you something. Thanks.

Jack said...


That sounds like where I am right now. Totally past it. Not my thing anymore. Although, I never did listen to Barber stoned...ummm...




As stated in the post, I decided to give up weed before becoming a lawyer because it runs counter to the rules of ethics of the ABA and most other bar associations.

phinka13 said...

I was never what you would call a pothead but I painted and created like crazy after I smoked. I miss the altered and weird creative state now but don't miss inhaling. I guess at least I didn't sit on the couch with nothing to do but have now found I don't need that to be my own Picasso......

Jack said...


That's awesome. Nothing like being your genuine you, without any impediments.

Informed said...

Regular self-medication is symptomatic of Narcissism. Look into it.

best vaporizer said...

I second Japhy's suggestion about the vaporizer. You may want to look in to the Extreme Q as well. Very solid vape.

Anonymous said...

Don't smoke out of soda, juice or soup cans.

They're lined with plastic that melts and burns giving off carbon monoxide and worse.

People who respect things tend to get more out of them.