Friday, March 19, 2010

DETAILS: Virtual Meditation Session This Sunday


As mentioned in a previous post, Adventures in Volutary Simplicity is organizing a “virtual” meditation session this coming Sunday at 1:00pm Eastern US (5:00pm GMT). The session will consist of listening to a guided meditation session conducted by Tara Branch at the Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC on December 9, 2009. You can access the session HERE.

While you guys can post comments on the blog post I will publish at the start of the session, you can always post live comments on Facebook before, during and after the session.

I'm getting really excited about this. :) I've received tons of emails from all over the world expressing interest in the project. This stuff always blows me away...I still can't quite get over how powerful this blog has become and how committed you guys are.

Whether you have pledged to participate or are just a curious bystander, I hope you all will join us for 30 minutes of relaxation and collective mindfulness.

See you all on Sunday.



Anonymous said...

I'm there Jack...I need to find some peace and stop my brain from constantly running in circles.
Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Poverty sucks.

Simple in France said...

Interesting concept! I'm thinking that it's going to be night time here on my end of the world, but I may hop in if I'm up to it.

Unknown said...

Neat idea. I start an on-line mindfulness meditation course tomorrow offered by the IMC :)

Jack said...


I hoped you joined us today.

@Dave Bennett,

Not sure what you are referring to. Please repost.

@Simple in France,

Hope you had a chance to connect, even at night.

Jack said...

@Mary Mo,

Post details. Sounds interesting.

riha said...


Jack said...


I thought so.

A Poet Seeks said...

Awesome photograph of colorful light on the water...

Read Thomas Merton - you will be amazed...

Also read about Thomas Merton's life - it's easier to understand his quest for contemplation, silence, solitude and his embrace of Zen meditative practices into his Catholic Christianity.

He was quite a scholar, thinker, social activist, poet, writer, lover of mankind and lover of God.
Also many said a very good friend.
The Poet Painter

Jack said...


Thanks. I read some merton in HS and loved him. Maybe it makes sense to go back there.