Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Virtual Meditation Session This Sunday


Those of you who are regular readers know that I've come to embrace meditation. It is something that has absolutely changed my life. I feel so strongly about the benefits of meditation that I actually have no shame in recommending it to anyone and everyone willing to try it.

That's why I will be organizing a virtual meditation session this coming weekend on this blog. It will probably involve listening to one of Tara Branch's guided meditation podcasts off the Insight Meditation Community website at a set time this coming Sunday. Everyone is welcome to parcipate, regardless of experience level. Those who follow a different meditation tradition, or who prefer to meditate on their own would also be welcome. The point would be to “gather” together, at the same time, in the same “space,” in order to embrace peace, tranquility, and serenity. Just imagine: dozens, hundreds, even thousands of people from all over the world, meditating as one.

I'm also thinking of setting up an anonymous webcam with a link to the site. I would be grateful if any techies out there can recommend a user-friendly program that I can use to link to the blog.

Take care everyone,



Rhiannon said...

I've been Meditating for a time now and just recently thought I'd give my little ones the chance to do it with me. No one can fall a sleep at night now unless we are doing one. That's a testament to it's power! (At least in this house.)

Have you tried any EFT (tapping)?

Anonymous said...

What time is this happening?

donna said...

sounds like a cool idea jack. i've just started going to a drumming meditation class- where we use the african drums and do some chanting etc- maybe you should see if there's anything like that going on near you?

Jack said...


Sounds awesome. And, no, haven't tried it.


Probably midday Sunday. Still organizing it.


Cool. I don't do chanting at drum circles but I do have a habit of closing my eyes and practicing mindfulness to the beat.

Unknown said...

This is an awesome idea. I wish meditation were not considered "weird," so you would not have to even write that you are not ashamed to share it with everyone. But as more and more westerners embrace it, I know we will start to see the benefits. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend this Sunday (actually spending time with the part of my family that practices meditation), but I hope it goes well enough that you do this again!

Dr. J said...

Count me in! I've been meditating for more than half my life and it's the only practice that consistently helps me maintain balanced mental and emotional states.

Unknown said...

I love the thought of this. what a great idea to gather people all over the world to reflect.

Jack said...


Actually, I think I mistyped. The reason I referenced being ashamed is because I make it a habit to not advocate one way of doing things over another on the blog. My philosophy has always been to let everyone get to where the want to go via their own path. But I think I have to make an exception when it comes to meditation.

And no worries if you can't make it on Sunday. Just send us good vibes and we will be grateful.

@Cozy Tiny,

I'm right there with you. Just wished that I could have started a lot earlier.


Glad you like it. Hope you will join us.

Rebecca said...

thanks for the clarification; it makes perfect sense. Good luck tomorrow, and I will be sending good energy. :)

Jack said...


I hope you joined us for the session. If not, maybe next time??